The All-Black Kitchen Makes A Statement In Luxury Homes

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modern kitchen home interior2015 renovation design trends move away from the all-white kitchen

In addition to being a hub of family and social life within the home, kitchens are an important way for homeowners to make a statement about their property, identity, and taste. As a result of their place at the heart of a home, kitchens are the second most frequently remodeled room in the house—second only to bathrooms. This year, the pendulum has swung away from the popular all-white kitchen and toward the opposite extreme: the black kitchen.

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Home renovations are as popular as ever, and although kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular rooms to renovate, home owners in Greater Victoria often opt to do a substantial full-home renovation (also known as taking a house down to the frame to create new floor plans with open spaces and higher ceilings).  Doing so allows owners to enjoy the benefits of a new home in a geographical area surrounded by ocean that provides very little new land development opportunities.  Building new homes is another popular option in Victoria, however, that often requires tearing down an older pre-existing home to make way for your new dream home.

Whether remodeling one room, doing a substantial renovation or building a new home from the ground up, we can provide you with the advice that will allow you to strike a balance between between loving your house and also maximizing re-sale value in this very unique market, feel free to contact us to discuss this and any other real estate needs you may have.

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