Leslee Farrell

Associate Broker

Sailing has long been Leslee’s hobby of choice; in fact, she’s even spent weeks at a time living on her boat and sailing around the waters of Vancouver Island. “Each day is a new adventure on the water,” says Leslee. “You can never take anything for granted. It is very challenging and there is a great feeling of accomplishment in getting from one place to another. I believe the goal is as much in creating the successful journey as it is in arriving at your destination.”

This enthusiasm and understanding also plays a major role in her business career. Just as in sailing, the real estate currents are always changing and each day brings with it new and exciting challenges. An experienced realtor can recognize whether changes are indicative of a trend, a wave, a bump in the horizon, a plateau, or even a shift in the industry. Experience has taught Leslee to always consider the big picture and has given her an uncommon insight into the constant movements within the real estate market.

The Victoria Real Estate Board bestowed upon her a special reward for having the highest volume of sales in a year, for 25 years in a row!

As a seasoned professional, Leslee lends a steady hand to the proceedings to make for a smooth and trouble-free transaction. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your move, Leslee will steer you in the right direction.

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